Thursday, December 30, 2010

modest belly dancing outfits

I recently started a belly dancing class and I wanted a modest belly dancing outfit to groove to when the time came. I asked the instructor and she informed me she didn't have any that matched my depiction. She asked why I need one since there were only women in the classroom and no men, of course I had to inform her that Muslim women don't cover up for men but for god. Anyways I started browsing the web for 
simply modest belly dancing outfit and there weren't a lot of choices out there but I succeed in finding some. In order, whole outfits, belly dancing pants and then tops. Hope you guys like them.

Here is a website you guys might also like:


A video of a beautiful sister dancing with a modest belly dancing outfit 


  1. Kudos for taking matters into your own hands and finding an outfit that *you* feel comfortable in. :) As a dancer myself in Latin styles, outfits are frequently tiny.

    Although I don't particularly mind less "modest" clothing, I can totally appreciate women who go and find what they feel comfortable wearing rather than doing nothing, quitting the dance, or complaining about it.

  2. hey, especially, that the dance form itself comes from those tribes wearing all baggy dresses and even scarf, if u just look for folklor dance costumes for example in Tunisia , or beledi costumes ;) I prefer modest too :) (Also, I just saw how old this thread , sorry for mocking in :D )

    also in modern, minimalist aproach by Violet Scrap: